Design+Develop : 53 Sussex : Phase 0

One of the main reasons why I started this blog was to create a space to share various forms of design (fashion, graphic, visual, architecture and more) that's relevant and inspiring to me and hopefully those around me.
 As a designer with an architect husband, there's usually no shortage of design-isms and projects to share.  For those that may not know, Charles left the corporate world recently to go on his own.  He started his company Align Design & Development and has been working on residential fixer projects (our future home included) in the Bay Area.  I'd like to shine a little spotlight his way and introduce a new series focused on his current projects called "Design+Develop." So here we go...

Say hello to 53 Sussex.  Built in 1925, this 2-level 1350 sq ft home sits high on top of SF's popular Glen Park neighborhood.  Once construction is complete (early fall 2014), the renovated home will be 1600 sq ft.  These are pics of its original form when Charles acquired it.  We'll be documenting the construction+ so you can see the different phases as it becomes a modern home.  

Not sure how I feel about the pair of eyes staring out the front of the house, but to each and their own.  Feels like somebody's watching me...slightly creepy...

The back of the top floor has a gorgeous elevated view of the city.  Love how the window frames it like a panoramic picture.  This feature is definitely a keeper for the new renovation.

Top floor front room
Entry way to the back room / kitchen
Stairs to the lower level

Lower level makeshift bedroom - ceiling height is for ants
More shots of the unfinished lower level
Lower level includes garage
Here are a couple shots of the back of the house and steep backyard.  There's definitely room for a lot of potential here.  Stay tuned for the next update - the demo phase!