Estuaries Endless Summer

Costa one-piece swimsuit ( available at Threads & Fins )
Swimwear versatile enough to be worn at the beach OR as an outfit piece?  Yes please! 

Its no secret that I've always had a serious obsession for swimwear.  One of my design dreams was to have my own line which is why I'm so proud to introduce you to a close friend who is living my dream...and killing it!

Design+Develop: 53 Sussex : Complete!

The top floor is my fave.  I love the open layout and how spacious it feels.  Look at the beautiful white oak hardwood floors!
Drumroll please ... 53 Sussex is finished!  Congrats to my other half on his first San Francisco residential design and development project!

Happy Belated Orange Day!

Shark attack!  Well...not really but kind of.  I'm sure we had way more fun with Halloween than our lil' Jaws did but I was all smiles putting the costumes together.  :)