Big Sur Birthdays

Mom and Mei's birthdays are two days apart, so we try to make sure they feel special individually and together during this time of year.  This year, we went to Big Sur to celebrate their duo birthday weekend.

Bali, beach and babi guling!

February 2015 was no doubt a busy but exciting month for our family.  First stop: Bali!
As shared in Bash's 8 month post, we spent a few fun-filled days here with his grandparents and Auntie Laura.  It was a very relaxing trip and we were lucky to call the Villa Sanook our home away from home (thanks Airbnb).

8 months with Bash

Our little nugget proved to be quite the happy traveler during his eighth month.  We flew across the Pacific to spend some lovely extended family time in Bali and Taiwan.  Our trip was filled with festive celebrations, family connecting, and food overload...