2 Months with Isa

Little Lady LeeMa has a lot to say!  This month, Isa started coo-ing and smiling which has been so sweet.

1 Month with Isa

It's been a blurry month to say the least but thanks to my mom (who the kids love and call Wai Puo) many memories were captured.

She's here! Say hello to Isa Lee Ma

Arriving a week ahead schedule, we're beyond happy to share that Isa Lee Ma is here!  

Firefighter Bash's 2nd Birthday!

"Wee-oooh!  Wee-oooh!" (aka "firetruck" in Bash tongue).  He has been obsessed with his firetruck for months so it was a no-brainer theme to choose for his 2nd birthday party.

Beautiful Brooklyn Wedding!

My beautiful sister-in-law Laura is now officially a "Mrs."!  We flew back to New York (Bash's first trip to daddy's home!) to be a part of a wonderful (and HOT!!) wedding weekend over Memorial Day.

Weekend Getaway in Carmel

Living in the Bay Area, we're lucky to have so many places to escape to for a quick weekend getaway.  For Charles' birthday this year, we decided to drive down the coast to Carmel and enjoy some much needed beach and down time.

Snow, sledding + smiles!

It's that time of year again!  Double birthday weekend for my mom and mei (my sister)!  We decided to celebrate this year in Tahoe at my mama's request.

Taitung 2016: Fobio's Surf & Beach Retreat

After our Taipei family festivities, we took a short flight down to Taitung (east coast of Taiwan) to relax at our close friend Fobio's beach house.  Spending time in Taitung for surf, beach and relaxation is quickly becoming a staple part of our annual Taiwan trip.

Taiwan 2016 : Chinese New Year in Taipei

Happy Year of the Monkey!  Spending Chinese New Year in Taiwan is a tradition that we are really grateful for.  It's amazing to take Bash back to the motherland where he can learn about his culture first-hand and connect with family and food!

Design+Develop : 659 7th Avenue

Charles' latest modern project is complete.  The attention to detail is incredible with thoughtful modern touches throughout the home.  

Ma's in Mendocino

Charles and I try to begin each new year with a dedicated weekend where we focus on defining our family, individual, professional and overall goals for the year.  It's a time for us to look forward and plan for what's ahead and also reflect on what we've learned and experienced.