6 months with Bash

Riding the panda express 

2014 is about to close and its been a blessing of a year.  We welcomed our little nuggs and he's added so much love and life (and cheek status) to our family.  

Happy Holidays!

Wishing everyone a very happy and healthy holiday season this year!  We're lucky enough to enjoy a beach stroll during this time of year and did exactly that after opening presents.  Originally from the mitten, I appreciate a white Christmas but its nice to have a warmer holiday home base now.  :)

5 Months with Bash

Hola amigos and greetings from Mexico!  

We're here for our friends' wedding this week and loving it!  We didn't have wifi earlier in the trip so apologies the Basher 5 month post is a wee bit late.  I'll have more from our Mexican vacation to share once we're back so stay tuned.  :)

Estuaries Endless Summer

Costa one-piece swimsuit ( available at Threads & Fins )
Swimwear versatile enough to be worn at the beach OR as an outfit piece?  Yes please! 

Its no secret that I've always had a serious obsession for swimwear.  One of my design dreams was to have my own line which is why I'm so proud to introduce you to a close friend who is living my dream...and killing it!

Design+Develop: 53 Sussex : Complete!

The top floor is my fave.  I love the open layout and how spacious it feels.  Look at the beautiful white oak hardwood floors!
Drumroll please ... 53 Sussex is finished!  Congrats to my other half on his first San Francisco residential design and development project!

Happy Belated Orange Day!

Shark attack!  Well...not really but kind of.  I'm sure we had way more fun with Halloween than our lil' Jaws did but I was all smiles putting the costumes together.  :)

4 months with Bash

Its been a crazy month to say the least and Bash isn't so little anymore.  :(  *sniff*sniff*  He's much more expressive now and is a very happy smile-y baby.  Still waiting to hear his first real laugh though...c'mon Bash...jus' dooooooowit!

3 months with Bash

Our little big guy is growing fast!  According to our pediatrician, 'he's thriving' but I think that just means he's fat.  Who doesn't like a chubster though, right?  We're just happy and thankful he's a healthy and happy baby.

Design+Develop : 53 Sussex : Phase 2

Standing in the kitchen looking out the living room window of the top floor
Its been a few weeks since our last 53 Sussex post, but its definitely making some progress.  The framing went up pretty quickly and contractors are already working on putting up the dry wall.  Its starting to look like a real house!

Inspiration: Monochrome Interiors

So...we're moving!  *gulp!*
This was a fast and furious decision, but a much needed one.  With the arrival of Bash (why do the tiniest people have the most stuff?) and Charles working on his business from home, we've definitely outgrown our current apartment.

A Lil' Labor Day Aloha...

We did it and made it back in one piece!  This was our first real travel adventure with Bash, complete with flights, and we survived!  Not without any hiccups though of course, like oh ya know...missing our flight there...yep...that definitely happened.

2 months with Bash

Party hat time!  Cheeks are in full force and lil' Bash is finally starting to smile a bit!  No more permanent grumpy / stink face (we hope).

Design+Develop : 53 Sussex : Phase 1

Before I share some down and dirty demolition pics (hot and sweaty construction workers NOT included), I think it makes sense to share the existing and proposed floor plans so you can get an idea of the 'Before' and soon-to-be 'After' layouts.

Design+Develop : 53 Sussex : Phase 0

One of the main reasons why I started this blog was to create a space to share various forms of design (fashion, graphic, visual, architecture and more) that's relevant and inspiring to me and hopefully those around me.

Pantone Pops : Fashion + Home : Fresh Mint

Altoid?  Mint choco chip ice cream?  or Mojito, anyone?  I love that this unique hue can tickle and satisfy both your visual and tastebud senses.  With its signature soothing effect, mint adds a nice soft touch to any home or wardrobe piece.  So fresh and so clean (clean)!

Heart & Sole

Dinara Studded Heart ankle boot
There's a new luxury shoe designer on the rise ladies ... and her AW 2014 debut collection has a little something for everyone.  Grecian born and dear friend Konstantina Tzovolou began her namesake label to give women a sense of edge and sex appeal that was fun and distinctly feminine.

Pantone Pops : Fashion + Home : Charcoal Grey

Minimalist, neutral and simple.  Grey compliments just about any color - warm or cool - and is why it dominates the majority of my closet - charcoal grey in particular.  Did I mention my mini is also charcoal grey?  Here are a few picks that I've recently been 'ooooh-ing' and 'ahhhh-ing' over for...oh how I could grey for days...:)

1 month with Bash

Has it really been 4 weeks?!  Wow, I guess time flies when everyday is like Groundhog day.  Our lil' Bash is 1 month old today and its been a crazy fun ride so far.  He changes so much each day and has definitely grown and packed on some serious chub (yay!) since we brought him home.

Pantone Pops : Fashion+Home : Nectarine

I'd like to introduce a new post series called 'Pantone Pops.'  Its a fun way for me to mix color, design and fashion picks all in one place.  I figured it makes the most sense to start with a hue in my favorite orange color family ... so here goes!  :)

Behind the scenes @ Bash's first photoshoot

Angela Chandler, you are amazing.  Angela was our photographer for Bash's first ever photo shoot.  Despite the 85+ degree indoor heat, it was a really fun 3 hour session.  Who knew that infants would be so Gumby-like in that kind of heat and sleep through most of it?

Introducing...Sebastian Lee Ma!

Guess who came early last week?  Today, 7.7.2014, was supposed to be his due date but a lil' someone didn't want to wait that long ... so ... we're very excited to introduce everyone to Sebastian (aka Lil' Bash) Lee Ma!

Weekday Retreat @ Solage Calistoga

I'm a very lucky girl ... my birthday came a couple days early this year with a surprise weekday getaway to Solage Calistoga.  Charles was so sweet and planned a full day of relaxing, poolside fun and delicious eats (and maybe a teensy bit of wine - we were in wine country...hello).

Updates on the crack house...

3rd floor - Upper bedroom level for our family
2nd floor - Main living level for our family  
Ground floor holds garage and 1 bdrm in-law unit.  Why 3 car garage you ask?
We agree - its ridic but SF Planning requires it in our neighborhood.
Before you get too excited and start looking for a sledgehammer party evite, we're not totally there yet...but we're getting close!  According to Charles, the architect I hired (and married), we're in the addendum phase which in layperson terms means 'final stretch' for the permitting process.

Hip-hop baby shower

How ridiculous is Soo?  This cake was gluten-free too!  The converse kicks and details...omg... 
My sister, momma and a few other loved ones threw the cutest hip-hop baby shower for me last month.  I was totally blown away - the details and thoughtfulness were beyond!  It was a mix of all things I love - family, friends, the color orange, old school hip-hop, dachshunds, and gluten-free treats!

The Sea Ranch

Architecture + nature + balance = The Sea Ranch.  This beautiful 10-mile coastal stretch is internationally known for its distinctive architecture and sensitivity of its land planning. Its been on our list of local places to visit for a while and it definitely did not disappoint.  It was a perfect place to enjoy our last weekend getaway before the nugget arrives.

Intermix-ing fun!

One of my favorite boutiques Intermix just opened their Palo Alto location!  A few of us Google girls were lucky enough to get invited to shop and celebrate the event.  The Intermix ladies couldn't have been more sweet and fun to shop with.  We had a blast! Thanks again Intermix!  Check out their blog post too!

Big Bump on the Big Island

Big Island babymoon!  Charles and I hopped over to Hawaii to spend some QT together while I can still comfortably travel via plane.  We LOVE Hawaii but never visited the Big Island before so this was a fun first for both of us!

home sweet home...eventually...

So about ~9 months ago, Charles and I became the proud owners of our first (crack) house.  We've got a long road ahead of us before we can actually move in, but we're excited to share the different phases along the way!

FOG Design + Art Fair @ Fort Mason

Furry beast furniture with golden feet!  Everyone should have at least one...
David Wiseman and Haas Brothers via R & Company (New York)

This weekend's smiling sun pushed Charles and I to take a long walk to Fort Mason to check out the FOG fair.  Presented by the SFMOMA, it was great to get a dose of some modern eye candy in the form of furniture, fine art and design objects.  Here are a few favorites...

bebe leema is coming...