Happy Holidays!

It's our first holiday season in the new house!  We had an especially warm and fuzzy Christmas with family and friends this year.  It felt great to be able to host everyone in the new space, cook and make new memories here.  Lots of love to all of our family and friends near and far!  Looking forward to and wishing everyone an amazing 2016!  xoxo

Europe 2015: Lyon, France

Lyon was short but sweet (literally, considering all the macaroons we ate!)  We stayed in the cute neighborhood of Bellecour and had fun exploring different pockets of this charming city.  We tried to squeeze in a little bit of everything -- from historic Old Town Lyon (Vieux Lyon) to the modern Confluence Museum (Musee de Confluences) -- I think we covered quite a bit!

Europe 2015: San Sebastián, Spain

San Sebastián is absolutely charming, delicious and perfect.  It has a little bit of everything: amazing food (Michelin stars and pintxos galore!), design and architecture, beaches (including surf!), culture and beautiful scenery all in one place.  Its easy to see how people (and their bellies) fall in love with this city and keep coming back.  The locals were so warm and friendly, especially with Bash, and we had beyond a wonderful and memorable time!

Europe 2015: Bilbao, Spain

Bash in Bilbao!  :)  When friends asked us to visit during their trip home to London, it was a quick and easy YES!  Then we thought, if we were flying all the way across the pond, why not add a few more places to see, right?

First Birthday Luau for Bash

I know we're not Hawaiian but we couldn't resist the idea of throwing Bash a first birthday surf-themed luau (which I learned is a Hawaiian tradition).  We love Hawaii, he's been there twice since he was born and I could have a field day with the design, decor and food options.

12 Months with Bash

Bash crossed the one year finish line!  It's crazy how fast this year flew by!  Our little nugget isn't so little anymore.  *sniff*sniff*

11 Months with Bash

Happy 11 months lil' Basher!  Can't believe your first birthday is around the corner!  The nuggs sprouted 2 bottom (crooked) teeth this month and is scooting around in search for all kinds of trouble.

Desert Road Trippin'

To celebrate Charles' birthday this year, we decided to take a family road trip (a first for Bash!) down near Joshua Tree National Park for a weekend stay at the iT House.

The iT House

Ever dreamed of vacationing in the middle of the desert?  Me either ... that is, until we learned about the glass iT House, located in Pioneertown, CA near Joshua Tree National Park.

10 Months with Bash

Enter the mini dragon...Bash Lee (Ma) is 10 months old!  He's full on crawling (forward now too!) and moving around like a sloppy ninja.  Hopefully his stealthiness will improve because he looks like a wobbly drunk when trying to walk but he's definitely trying!

9 months with Bash

Happy belated 9 months Basher! Poor lil' guy had a pretty bad fever this month which led to his first ER visit.  Rest assured, everything is OK and he's definitely on the mend now but as new parents, it felt like we got hazed - but thankfully we all survived!

Big Sur Birthdays

Mom and Mei's birthdays are two days apart, so we try to make sure they feel special individually and together during this time of year.  This year, we went to Big Sur to celebrate their duo birthday weekend.

Bali, beach and babi guling!

February 2015 was no doubt a busy but exciting month for our family.  First stop: Bali!
As shared in Bash's 8 month post, we spent a few fun-filled days here with his grandparents and Auntie Laura.  It was a very relaxing trip and we were lucky to call the Villa Sanook our home away from home (thanks Airbnb).

8 months with Bash

Our little nugget proved to be quite the happy traveler during his eighth month.  We flew across the Pacific to spend some lovely extended family time in Bali and Taiwan.  Our trip was filled with festive celebrations, family connecting, and food overload...

7 months with Bash

Happy 7 months Mr. Cheeks!  Our lil' weeble wobble can sit up on his own now and is getting stronger each day. He's about the size of a 20 lb. bag of rice (not exaggerating) and definitely looks like a tootsie roll in a lot of his clothes because he's such a 'healthy' sausage.