5 Months with Isa

Watch out!  Isa has mastered the rollover and is trying to army scoot!  She's starting to eat solids and does the happy kick dance when her spoon is visible.

Design+Develop : 1336 4th Avenue

Charles' latest project is now complete and ready to share.  This Edwardian remodel is beautifully done and the details are impeccable.

Aloha Family Pics

I really wanted to capture some fun family pictures during our first vacation last month to Oahu.  We were lucky to find Lucie of LucieXYZ and she was amazing!  

4 months with Isa

Miss Isa Lee Ma is so aware and curious nowadays, especially when it comes to watching her brother's shenanigans and us at meal time.  She's very interested in what we're putting into our mouths as she's learned how to shove whatever she can grab into hers.

Ma's in Maui

Every year we try to celebrate Chinese New Year with Charles' side of the family.  We've been going back to Taiwan the last couple years, but with Isa being such a fresh peanut, we decided to stay a little closer to home.  Maui was the winning middle ground location and we definitely weren't mad about it.  ;)

Hawaii 4-0!

photo credit: LucieXYZ

Our first vacation as a family of four!  This trip was a memorable one but it definitely had a rough start...

3 Months with Isa

Smiley and sassy, Miss Isa Lee Ma is really starting to show more of her little personality.
She's got spunk and definitely doesn't hesitate to let us know when she's hangry or needs a booty wipe.

2016 Holiday Hurrah!

December was a crazy month.  We love the holidays around here and now that Bash is a bit older, he's starting to understand what's going on.  It makes things so much more fun  :)