4 months with Bash

Its been a crazy month to say the least and Bash isn't so little anymore.  :(  *sniff*sniff*  He's much more expressive now and is a very happy smile-y baby.  Still waiting to hear his first real laugh though...c'mon Bash...jus' dooooooowit!
He's rolling and flipping over (only on one side though) like a champ too.  Tummy time is a piece of cake now!  :)  

Tummy time ninja!!

Gangstah face / mini Asian Biggie Smalls?
He loves when we read books and tries to turn the pages with his grubby lint-filled fingers.

His hairline is fuller than Daddy's, no?

This book is about Gramma Lee's (Cora the Explorer) travels in Italy with Mommy in 2011
He's definitely starting to show some personality too - complete with mischievous and smirky faces...

We love our lil' drool-y chubb rock and can't wait to dress him up for Halloween this week!  Stay tuned!  You know orange day is my favorite day!  xo