Firefighter Bash's 2nd Birthday!

"Wee-oooh!  Wee-oooh!" (aka "firetruck" in Bash tongue).  He has been obsessed with his firetruck for months so it was a no-brainer theme to choose for his 2nd birthday party.
 He literally eats with it at the table, sleeps and bathes with it everyday.  We were lucky to have both grandmas here to help and celebrate again this year and I had way too much fun designing decor and fun ideas for the party too.  :)  Makes me feel like a kid again.  Thank you to all our family and friends for coming out to celebrate!  We love you Bubba!  Happy 2nd birthday my little love!  Terrible 2's here we come!  
so confused about blowing out the candles
mama got her own cake too!  the party was on my actual bday  ;)
all the little grubby hands ready to grab cake and cupcakes!

mini buddies!

LOVING his friend's scooter - maybe he got one this year?  ;)
mini cupcake 2 of 4 that day...omg sugar madness
da family shot

saying "byeeeeee" and "thank you" to all his friends
fondant fun + cake prep!

grandma sweatshop
ta-da!  the final cake!

goodie bags and mini fire extinguishers

inside the goodie bag...

Here's some cake blowing action on his actual birthday. We literally had to sing the birthday song over and over...