1 Month with Isa

It's been a blurry month to say the least but thanks to my mom (who the kids love and call Wai Puo) many memories were captured.
She started off as a skinny minnie but we've been able to pack on a bit of chub so far.  Bash has been such a sweet and smothering brother (thankfully) thus far but still has his moments of being "All done MeiMei."  Mei means "little sister" in Mandarin so he's been calling her that since my belly popped out.  She's the cutest most relaxed potato right now and I think we're going to keep her.  ;)

Gma and Isa holding hands

didn't ask first - xx 

+1 to all LeeMa reservations from now on!

giving daddy design advise

hey bear haaaaaaaaaaaaay

I hope they really love and take care of each other

tiny toes 

He always wants to hold her hand