5 Months with Isa

Watch out!  Isa has mastered the rollover and is trying to army scoot!  She's starting to eat solids and does the happy kick dance when her spoon is visible.
She's very aware now and has discovered how delicious her hands and fingers are.  She's a pro at working out in her play gym and will flip over twice as fast if the donut rattle is near...funny how the other rattles don't motivate her as much.  Signs of a true foodie.  ;)  Happy 5 months baby girl!  We love you!  xoxo

"Will flip for donuts"

Whatchu lookn' at?

"hey girl...haaaaaaaaaay!"

that hair tho...

lip purse | duck lips

Bash showing her his animal puzzle

fingers are delicious

daddy's girl all the way...

Don't mess with me.  My brother will keel you.

selfie with gma!  

strawberry fan