A Lil' Labor Day Aloha...

We did it and made it back in one piece!  This was our first real travel adventure with Bash, complete with flights, and we survived!  Not without any hiccups though of course, like oh ya know...missing our flight there...yep...that definitely happened.
 Who knew it would take that much time to pack up and haul all the stroller gear+?  (and our alarm didn't go off - oops)  I guess we're those newbie parents now learning these lessons as we go.  Travel lesson #1 - You can't do a last minute airport dash and do the sprint to the departure gate thing anymore (something I'm notorious for).  Nope nope nope.

We were definitely nervous for the nugg's first flight too but he did great.  He passed out for most of it but when he was awake, he was very chill or just fed.  *phew* Let's hope this pattern repeats itself for every flight.  Fingers crossed...
Bash taking intense mental notes on how to be a badass gladiator
What the??!!  (confused face when the plane was landing in Honolulu) 
Once we touched island ground, it was smooth sailing from there.  Its been a few years since we've been back to Oahu (we're usually on Maui or Kauai) so it was nice to be back and see some local friends again.
We had a delicious BBQ over at our friend's place with fish he caught diving/spearfishing earlier that day.  Thank you Matt and Kara!  Their kids Kea'u and Naona are the cutest!

Got a lil' shopping time in...

Surf racks for locals to lock their boards when they ride Waikiki

Happy baby's first time chillin' poolside (with daddy twinsie outfits)

The stunning Lanikai Beach - easily our favorite beach on Oahu for relaxing.  We were sooooo excited to take Bash here to give his toes their first dip in the ocean!

I think he liked it!  Beach-bum-in-training...surf lessons up next!

Bash cooling off in the hotel AC after a hot day at the beach
NO Oahu trip would be complete without a trip (or 2 or 3) to Waiola Shave Ice.  It is by far the BEST shave ice on the island!  The ice is silky smooth and flavor + topping combos are an insane treat!  There are 3 locations now just FYI and no you wouldn't be crazy if you went to all 3.  I wish we did.

And there you have it!  Bash's first (of many) Aloha trip!  :)  We're already missing the islands...