8 months with Bash

Our little nugget proved to be quite the happy traveler during his eighth month.  We flew across the Pacific to spend some lovely extended family time in Bali and Taiwan.  Our trip was filled with festive celebrations, family connecting, and food overload...

We started our adventure in Bali with my sis-in-law, her boyfriend and all three of his grandparents in tow.  We were only missing my sis and bro-in-law to complete the inner family circle.  Bash loved his quality time with everyone.  There was never a shortage of arms waiting to hold him.  :)

Auntie Laura!

Deep thoughts with Grandma Lee
Checking out Grandpa Ma's nose

Snuggle time with Grandma Ma
We stayed in a beautiful modern villa in Seminyak.  Thankfully we had our own pool so Bash could cool off in the Balinese heat.  He definitely spent more time naked and in the water than wearing clothes.  He's getting more and more comfortable in the water and loves frogging around in the Otteroo.  A separate post about Bali with more photos and details is coming soon so stay tuned!
Daddy and his mini me

The main reason for our trip was to celebrate his first Chinese New Year in Taiwan.  Its the one time of year when almost all of Charles' family get together in Taipei, including those that live all over the globe.  This year was especially significant because Bash made his debut to the Ma(fia) side.  He's the first born son of a first born son so in Chinese culture, he's kind of like Simba...;)  I guess that means my Chinese wifey duties are complete!  Woohoo!  Needless to say, Mufasa and the family were very excited.  Bash met his great grandmother too who is 88 and still boss.  :)

> Insert Lion King music here <
Lao Lao (his great grandma) looks amazing, no?  Bash holding on to his first red envelope of many...

Red envelopes everywhere!  CNY is the best!

Playing peek-a-boo under the sheets

Uncle Clark looking gangsta with his mini thug

Thanks for coming by!  More to share from our Bali and Taiwan trip soon!  xo