Bali, beach and babi guling!

February 2015 was no doubt a busy but exciting month for our family.  First stop: Bali!
As shared in Bash's 8 month post, we spent a few fun-filled days here with his grandparents and Auntie Laura.  It was a very relaxing trip and we were lucky to call the Villa Sanook our home away from home (thanks Airbnb).
 Nestled in Seminyak, this beautiful newly built villa was a perfect oasis for us to enjoy modern design with a Balinese touch.  The housekeepers were beyond kind and prepared fresh Balinese breakfast for everyone each morning.  I miss waking up to the smell of nasi and mie goreng!
When in Rome (or Bali), rock local attire (hello awesome Balinese harem pants...)
foot spa for chubby feet
don't take my hat!
What is that grandpa, pearl cream?

No trip to Bali would be complete without a beach day (or 2 or 3...)  so of course we spent a relaxing afternoon exploring (and surfing) one of the local favorites, Balangan beach.  This white sandy beach stretch is a well-known surf spot with gorgeous panoramic views of the Indian Ocean.  It was a perfect, quiet and calm beach session for the entire family.

bare beach booty Bash
One of the modern architecture and design highlights of our trip was lunch at the Alila Villas in Uluwatu.  Charles and I always love to pepper in design (architecture, interiors, fashion, furniture...all of it!) wherever we go and the Alila definitely did not disappoint.  Situated on an elevated plateau, this luxury resort framed the raw beauty of Bali with its minimal aesthetic and natural materials.  I've already requested that my sister get married here whenever she's ready.  It would be a great excuse to go back!  ;)
like whoa...

Uncle Fei, lil' Bash and Auntie Laura enjoying the view

Towards the end of our stay, we took a day trip to the town of Ubud, 
the cultural and artistic center of Bali.  I really wish we had allotted more time here but it was still great to visit and see/eat what we could.  Traveling with a 7 month old nugget also had its limitations (ie no Monkey Forest visit - monkeys are apparently very aggressive, will bite if you have food and you know, are likely to carry biggie).  If we can come back though, I'd love to load up a container filled with furniture, lighting fixtures and home decor.  I saw so much affordable eye candy there it hurt.  We did a fast and furious zip through the rice paddies, Ubud market (hello haggle city), a few temples and ate at the most famous babi guling restaurant in Bali, Ibu Oka.

What are we looking at?!

sweaty + happy boy...yes it was HOT!

Cora the explorer!
One of our favorite sunset meals was at the Rock Bar in the Ayana Resort.  We rode a funicular down to the cliff side restaurant and had some amazing seafood with the gorgeous deep blue Indian Ocean as our backdrop.  It was hot as #$%@ but worth it once the sun starting setting and cooler breezes kicked in.

sweaty Ma boys waiting for the funicular

Deep Sebastian Lee Ma...
And there you have it!  Leema family trip to Bali  :)  Next up: Taitung, Taiwan...