9 months with Bash

Happy belated 9 months Basher! Poor lil' guy had a pretty bad fever this month which led to his first ER visit.  Rest assured, everything is OK and he's definitely on the mend now but as new parents, it felt like we got hazed - but thankfully we all survived!
 To help him relax at home while he was sick, we had lots of onsen (bath time) sessions.  :) 

We had been logging in a lot more park time too (before his fever struck) and it's been beyond fun to show him new things like sand and swings for the first time.  He's so curious and loves touching and feeling new textures and objects.  He then shoves whatever he can into his mouth because everything is apparently delicious...

One of his favorite things to do in the morning is look out his bedroom window.  He hears the cars, trucks and people outside and always wants to see what's going on.  He's getting stronger each day and is now able to pull himself up to a standing position when leaning on something too.  His spiderman sideways shuffle is coming along as well...

I couldn't stop laughing when a close friend compared Bash's hair to the Lego movie characters.  He said "It looks like you can twist his hair all the way backwards - its so awesome!"

"Everything is AWESOME!"
And last but not least, I finally made a new video of our lil' man.  It showcases some fun moments for us these last few weeks.  Hope y'all enjoy!  xo