10 Months with Bash

Enter the mini dragon...Bash Lee (Ma) is 10 months old!  He's full on crawling (forward now too!) and moving around like a sloppy ninja.  Hopefully his stealthiness will improve because he looks like a wobbly drunk when trying to walk but he's definitely trying!
 We're loving his curiosity for the world because everything new is just THE. BEST. THING. EVERRRRRRRR!!!

He's been trying all kinds of new foods lately and so far NOTHING has been denied.  Lil' man loves to eat and wants whatever we're putting into our mouths too.  He's feeding himself (while making crazy a mess) and still fake chews with no teeth.  Chops look like they're coming in soon though so we gotta enjoy this gummy smile while it lasts.  

string cheeeeeeese!!
One of our highlights this month was going to work with Auntie Jenny for "Bring your kids to work day" at Pandora (apparently nephews count).  We saw the Alphabet Rockers perform for the first time and OMG his mind was blown.  The Alphabet Rockers are an amazingly talented group that educate kids through beats, rhymes and movement.  They touch upon educational topics from nutrition to bullying and target underserved communities and schools.  I've been a huge fan and supporter of them since they started a couple years back and couldn't be more proud of our friend Stefanie who is one of the stars!  

Auntie Steffi we LOVED the show!!!  and your necklace looks delicious too...

this is my boss chair...ooooooooooh yeah!  
Last but not least, I'll leave you with some of Bash's latest Zoolander faces.  Peep the video at the end to see his new skill!  :) xo
eskimo Bash

the blowfish face