12 Months with Bash

Bash crossed the one year finish line!  It's crazy how fast this year flew by!  Our little nugget isn't so little anymore.  *sniff*sniff*
 He's now pulling himself up to standing like a pro, showing (and screaming) a lot of excited emotions and opinions on the reg and is beyond curious about anything that lays in his path.  He laughs at his own jokes and is such a goofball.  Our little big boy had a lot of "first moments" this month that we're happy to share too ... including his first taste of birthday cake!

Needless to say, his birthday cake was a delicious and messy hit.  He thoroughly enjoyed his first punch of sugar and went nuts for the next hour afterwards.  He had his first haircut too, which didn't really go so well but we survived.  We were sooooo sad to snip off those long slightly wavy locks but his side chops were getting waaaaaaay out of control.

the calm before the storm...

NOT a happy camper

oh hellooooo lollipop ... what are you?  (excellent distraction)
Bash went in head first for his first swim lesson this month too.  He's super comfortable in the water and loved every minute of it!  We're hoping he continues to enjoy the water so he can try water sports and enjoy the beach as he gets older...

On his actual birthday, we took Bash to the Yerba Buena carousel and he had his first merry-go-round ride.  Not sure if he understood what was going on, but he seemed to like it we think?

His Ma grandparents both flew in for his milestone birthday to celebrate too.  He loved spending his birthday weekend with them!  We threw Bash a surf birthday luau party to kick off the festivities properly with friends and family over the weekend as well.  I'll be sharing a separate post on that soon so stay tuned! 

Finally, I'll leave you with some silly shots of our little ham.  Happy 1st birthday my little love!  xo