11 Months with Bash

Happy 11 months lil' Basher!  Can't believe your first birthday is around the corner!  The nuggs sprouted 2 bottom (crooked) teeth this month and is scooting around in search for all kinds of trouble.
 He's standing up whenever he's got something or someone to lean on now too which is making us nervous that he'll walk soon.  Stop growing so fast! 

He's definitely exerting his opinions more and showing us all kinds of new facial expressions.   We've nicknamed him "Drama Ma" because of his great Oscar-worthy performances.  He's learned how to say "Mama" and use it to his full advantage too.  When things aren't going according to his plan,  I can expect to hear a drawn out "Mamaaaaaaaaaa..."  What a lovely first Mother's day gift to me, eh?  It actually is to be honest.  :)  Celebrating my first Mother's Day with my own mom was definitely very special and we had a great spoiled weekend.  Thank you Daddy, Bash and Jen!
Mother's Day brunch with the boys at Monsieur Benjamin

We were mean parents and gave Bash his first lemon recently too.  Needless to say it was more fun for us than him, but he still wanted more even after the first sour squinty face.  Seriously, this kid loves to eat everything...
Sooooooo sour!!
Practicing his Olsen twin / fishie lip face

Grandma's dryer is apparently super fun to play in
And finally I'll leave you with a video that makes me laugh and smile so hard...you'll see his two little crooked chops showing in it too!  Thanks for coming by!  xo