Taiwan 2016 : Chinese New Year in Taipei

Happy Year of the Monkey!  Spending Chinese New Year in Taiwan is a tradition that we are really grateful for.  It's amazing to take Bash back to the motherland where he can learn about his culture first-hand and connect with family and food!
 It's an extra special holiday because all of Charles' immediate family members fly in from different parts of the world to celebrate and be together.  Here are some fun photo and video highlights from this year's time in Taipei.  We spent a week in Taitung afterwards at our friend John's (aka Fobio) beach house for some surf and country-side fun.  That post is coming up next!  :)  

Bash and NaiNai trying to fit into the cartoon car

King Kong Bash + Taipei 101

Visiting LauLau's place (Charles 89 year-old grandma)
Daddy spent a lot of time here as a kid at LauLau's place

Learning how to pay respects with Uncle Clark
Cousin + siblings dinner!

grocery game face ON

best playpen ever...