Taitung 2016: Fobio's Surf & Beach Retreat

After our Taipei family festivities, we took a short flight down to Taitung (east coast of Taiwan) to relax at our close friend Fobio's beach house.  Spending time in Taitung for surf, beach and relaxation is quickly becoming a staple part of our annual Taiwan trip.
 This is already our third year back and it already feels like our "beach home away from home."  Thanks Fobio for having us each year!  Its especially fun because our Hawaiian boys Derin and Bubby have been joining us for the surf / beach leg.  Derin couldn't make it this year but Bubby didn't miss it!  I haven't been able to join the boys for the surfing part yet (bc I'm either preggo or with nugget) but fingers crossed I will soon!  Don't miss the video highlights at the bottom!  :)  xo
driving down the country road 

wax ON ... wax OFF ...
chasing waves

where the wild things are ... 
do not disturb ... the artist 

best seat in the house ... Uncle Fobio's lap!