Weekend Getaway in Carmel

Living in the Bay Area, we're lucky to have so many places to escape to for a quick weekend getaway.  For Charles' birthday this year, we decided to drive down the coast to Carmel and enjoy some much needed beach and down time.
 We love the ocean and Bash goes nuts any time he sees water so it was an easy choice!

We went to a local ranch and met some hungry (but gentle) chickens.  Bash wasn't so sure about them at first but then tried to feed them after warming up a bit.  These fancy chickens ate swiss chard!

bawk bawk Bash
They had a horse ranch on the property too where we took a long walk.  It was fun to get up close and personal with the big beauties.  "Ma" means "horse" in Chinese and Bash was born in the year of the horse so double golden lucky sha-bam right there, no?!  ;)

Happy birthday daddy!  We love you!  :) 

To top off the weekend, we spent a lot of time in the pool splashing around, catching some sun and relaxing.  I'll leave you with a fun video of the pool party!  xoxo

jelly belly