Snow, sledding + smiles!

It's that time of year again!  Double birthday weekend for my mom and mei (my sister)!  We decided to celebrate this year in Tahoe at my mama's request.
 Cora the Explorer gets what she wants...especially if its for her birthday.  We were excited to take a family trip up to Tahoe for Bash too so he could play in snow and cold weather for the very first time.  :)
doing yoga with Auntie Jenny to stretch for sledding

We borrowed some adorable snow gear for Bash (which took him a bit to get used to) but once we hit the sledding slopes, he was penguin-walking like a pro!  I'll leave you with some fun footage of it all at the end of this post.  :)  xoxo 
what the heck are these things?!
smoooooosh face
I heart my gramma
later ma!  I got this!
snow bunnies
birthday girls + confused Bash