4 months with Isa

Miss Isa Lee Ma is so aware and curious nowadays, especially when it comes to watching her brother's shenanigans and us at meal time.  She's very interested in what we're putting into our mouths as she's learned how to shove whatever she can grab into hers.
I think this means she's ready for solid food soon!  Tummy time has paid off too as she can now hold her head up and almost roll over (yikes!).  She's as chatty as ever and loves to talk her daddy's ear off at the end of each day.  It's like she saves all the juicy gossip for him because she coos with such enthusiasm and can go on and on and on.  Charles, of course, eats it all up and is wrapped around her little sausage fingers.  Happy 4 months baby girl!  We love you.  xo
mama + meimei selfie

loves reading + eating books

vday snuggles

what's the big deal about vday?

daddy says I can have anything I want.

bear suit test run before Tahoe

donuts = happiness