Ma's in Maui

Every year we try to celebrate Chinese New Year with Charles' side of the family.  We've been going back to Taiwan the last couple years, but with Isa being such a fresh peanut, we decided to stay a little closer to home.  Maui was the winning middle ground location and we definitely weren't mad about it.  ;)
Family flew in from Shanghai, New York and Taiwan to celebrate and our token Hawaiian boys, Bubby and Derin, joined the Ma mix again which made things extra delicious and fun.

The week was packed with sun, beach, local food, pool and hot tub sessions, home-cooked goodness, centipede bites (omg like 6-inch long buggas! poor FeiFei!), helicopter adventures, a handful of toddler tantrums, a volcano sunrise, local farm visit, day trip to Hana, ocean kayaking, epic sunsets and the "Shape Song" on auto-repeat.  It was an awesome way to bring in the new year together.

Charles and I hadn't been back to Maui since our wedding in 2012 so it was really special to go back this time with the kids.  We re-created one of our wedding photos with them too.  Hopefully the phone booth will still be there so we can do it again in another five years!  Watch the video montage and be sure to wait for the outtakes at the end.  ;)  Gong Xi Fa Tsai and Happy Year of the Rooster!

on our way to Maui!

"All done airplane" - Bash Ma


Bash and Uncle FeiFei

kayak superMAdel

Bubby and Clark kayaking in the sunset.  So bromantic. ♥

daddy's girl

beach crack

mama + meimei

first ocean dip!

endless fun rock tossing

definitely peeing on himself...

"All done farm" - stinkface Bash
mini home spa

happy year of the rooster!

best family pic we could get


the old guys

Aloha all day errrrrday

Aloha Bash 2014 | Aloha Isa 2017