Updates on the crack house...

3rd floor - Upper bedroom level for our family
2nd floor - Main living level for our family  
Ground floor holds garage and 1 bdrm in-law unit.  Why 3 car garage you ask?
We agree - its ridic but SF Planning requires it in our neighborhood.
Before you get too excited and start looking for a sledgehammer party evite, we're not totally there yet...but we're getting close!  According to Charles, the architect I hired (and married), we're in the addendum phase which in layperson terms means 'final stretch' for the permitting process.
We've also selected a contractor (grueling process) to bring down and build up our house and have our fingers crossed that we can break ground on construction in ...drumroll please... a month and a half!  Once the hammers start flying, we're hoping to move in about 12 months later...*sigh*  So much for having the baby's first birthday jam in the new digs...BUT save the date ya'll!  Late summer 2015 housewarming at the LeeMa's!  Above is a sneak peek of the floor plans :)