Happy Holidays!

Wishing everyone a very happy and healthy holiday season this year!  We're lucky enough to enjoy a beach stroll during this time of year and did exactly that after opening presents.  Originally from the mitten, I appreciate a white Christmas but its nice to have a warmer holiday home base now.  :)

Nugget hiking backpack.  Daddy's been waiting for months to put him in it.  He's finally big enough!

Bash was a little confused and creeped out by the big jolly dude in red but we left tear-free so I'll mark that as a success.  :)

One of our favorite gifts this year - matching bow ties for the boys!  Thanks Satoe!  <3
Stocking sacs on the mantle
Wrapping paper and ribbons are way cooler than what's inside apparently
Fondant fatties for mom's cupcakes including hipster gingie
Happy 2014 and lots of love to our family and friends!  xoxo