6 months with Bash

Riding the panda express 

2014 is about to close and its been a blessing of a year.  We welcomed our little nuggs and he's added so much love and life (and cheek status) to our family.  
We're excited he's at the six month mark now and everyone is telling us to enjoy him while he's NOT mobile yet because we're about to lose our #$%@ once he can scoot around.  Really??

We started this month off right ... in Mexico!  (how we should start every month, no?)  My dedicated post to that trip is still in the works but I wanted to share some fun pics of a big milestone in our eyes from that vacation.  
I've got crabs! ... on my trunks that is ...
Charles and I LOVE the water (esp if a surfboard is involved) and are really excited to share that with Bash.  We took him for his first pool dip ever in Sayulita.  His cheeks alone could probably keep him afloat but we put on the Otteroo as backup.  To be honest, when I first opened it, I thought it looked like a scary child restraining floatie but once we tried it, it was actually pretty great.  Its a head floatie for babies 8 weeks+ of age so they can 'swim' solo.  After slowly easing Bash into the water with it, he started kicking and moving around like a lil' fish in no time.
Gopro-ing the action from Casa Brava in Sayulita !
Letting him go and 'swim' on his own...
I got this mama!

Blue steel

Proud mama
He seemed to really like it too!  Once he's more comfy in the water...we'll get him on a mini surfboard next!  Speaking of milestones, we also introduced solids to Bash this month too...and boy does he like to eat.  He's big enough to sit in his high chair now and is definitely putting everything in his mouth.  Let the teething begin...

Mommy, you forgot the hot sauce!
Bash also met his grandpa this month too.  :)  My father-in-law came for his first visit and it was really nice to see him.  I love his care-free attitude and how he lives his life to be happy...I really admire that.  I know my dad is smiling down at Bash too.  He always wanted a boy in the family (besides our hotdog, Jerry) and now he has one.  :)

3 generations of Ma bears boys 
Just told him he could try eating sushi next...
So there you have it!  Hope everyone had an amazing holiday with their loved ones and ring in 2015 safely with a BANG!  2014 has been beyond wonderful and we wish you all the best and love for next year!  xoxo