5 Months with Bash

Hola amigos and greetings from Mexico!  

We're here for our friends' wedding this week and loving it!  We didn't have wifi earlier in the trip so apologies the Basher 5 month post is a wee bit late.  I'll have more from our Mexican vacation to share once we're back so stay tuned.  :)

Daddy and his mini me

November was a fun month with our lil' chub rock.  He's much more playful and engaged now and curious about everything...especially food.  It's a bit early to start him on solids but we did give him his first taste of an orange (duh...my fave).  After a few stink faces, he decided he liked it and kept looking for more.  :)
So tangy ... but so good!
Thanksgiving was really nice this year too because both grandmas and both aunties were here to spend it with us.  :)  We lazied out and let Whole Foods take care of our dinner ... and it was really good too!

Turkey Day twins

I went back to work earlier this month too :( and feel beyond lucky and thankful that my mom is taking care of him during the day.  On my morning commute to the office, Charles sends me a glam ham shot of Bash changing out of his PJs.  He gets so excited and has way too much fun putting on clothes.  It puts a smile on my face every time...:)

Hope everyone had a fabulous Thanksgiving with loved ones and stuffed themselves silly. We'll see catch you guys on the other side of the border soon!  xoxo