7 months with Bash

Happy 7 months Mr. Cheeks!  Our lil' weeble wobble can sit up on his own now and is getting stronger each day. He's about the size of a 20 lb. bag of rice (not exaggerating) and definitely looks like a tootsie roll in a lot of his clothes because he's such a 'healthy' sausage.

He's grabbing everything with his grubby chubby paws and shoving whatever he can into his mouth.  So gross and awesome at the same time.  :)  He loves to eat (not a shocker) and makes these crazy excited faces when he's trying new foods.  We're loving all the new ways he's learning to express himself...

We finally had a chance to see his girlfriend Saskia too!  Bash and Sas were born only a few days apart and have been close buddies ever since.  They were both traveling during the holidays so it had been awhile since their last playdate.

Hey girl ... haaaaaay!  Missed you!
Hi Bash!  Hugs + kisses
No!  Don't go home yet!
Cool guys wear shades
Happy February!  Chinese new year is around the corner and we'll be celebrating with the extended Ma(fia) side of the family.  We're excited for him to meet more family members (Charles' side is large) and to show and teach him more about his culture.  Can't wait to eat all the goodness!  xoxo