2016 Holiday Hurrah!

December was a crazy month.  We love the holidays around here and now that Bash is a bit older, he's starting to understand what's going on.  It makes things so much more fun  :)
He picked our Christmas tree, met Santa (who Bash always follows his name with a "HO HO HO!"), baked Christmas cookies and decorated a gingerbread train (the boy is still hardcore nutbags about trains).  It was so special to have Isa join us, even in adorable potato mode, for all of our traditions and activities too.  I feel really thankful and lucky to have family and friends nearby to celebrate the holidays.

trying to decorate the gingerbread trains without eating all the candy

putting on yellow "snars"

rolling cookie dough!

baking with the master Uncle Bubby
some of the decorated cookies
at his daycare's holiday party (self-made santa hat)

Xmas eve dinner prep - and yes those are Red Lobster cheddar bisquits!

JELLO JELLO! Bash's first jello experience - mind blown - Auntie Mona made rainbow jello so now the bar is set too high
No talking.  Serious eating.  We had prime rib from HOPR btw...it was derishis...  

Took Bash to his first Nutcracker show (for kids)
It was an "All About Bash Day."  He's been such a sweet big bro but def needing some special time with us.

red-nosed Isa

Me and my nuggets.  Isa has a mean stinkface, no?

He LOVES her...most of the time...

Foodies.  Runs in the fam.

No tears = success!

patiently waiting for the train to whizzzzz by...

snack monster 

Xmas morning opening presents

Love dachsunds much?  We're weiner dog obsessed.

Daddy took Bash on a bike ride to the insanely holiday decorated Tom and Jerry house.  He LOVED it and wanted to go again and again.

Xmas hotpot dinner with the Drukers!

2016 holiday card 

Happy Holidays!!!  xoxo