Hawaii 4-0!

photo credit: LucieXYZ

Our first vacation as a family of four!  This trip was a memorable one but it definitely had a rough start...
After 3 ER visits (both kids had high fevers) and pushing our flight back 2x, we finally made it to Oahu!  I was beginning to think we weren't supposed to go but am so glad the kids were healthy and everything worked out.  Traveling with two kids is no joke btw.  Why didn't any of my mama friends tell me this?!  We got a hard smack at how life will be whenever we get the itch to travel with the whole family in tow (we get itchy often) ... but it was definitely worth it!  It was a good warm-up for future trips and how to pack light and smart.

Beach. Shaved ice. Poke. Repeat.  That's exactly what we did for a few days and it was perfect.  :)  We loved getting in some much needed aloha family time.  Afterwards, we flew to Maui to celebrate Chinese New Year with the Ma fam and Hawaiian friends.  Maui post coming up next!

airplane heaven

doing the happy dance bc we made it!

first order of business: POOL!

yaaaaaaaay! beeeeeeeeach!!

happy little ladybug!
hot dog legs + chicken drumsticks
good morning...

sunrise breakfast
best shaved ice on the North Shore...

where should I build my castle?

first ocean dip with daddy!

in his happy place :)

Dole whip = bomb
Little Miss Aloha

so this happened...Bash met a local girl ♥︎

should I be worried?

chasing daddy

what can I make with this?

gimme gimme some!  ahhhhhhhh...

mei mei super squeeeeeeeeze! ♥︎
our FAVE shaved ice spot!  Waiola's!