3 Months with Isa

Smiley and sassy, Miss Isa Lee Ma is really starting to show more of her little personality.
She's got spunk and definitely doesn't hesitate to let us know when she's hangry or needs a booty wipe.
We love learning more about her every day and showing her new things to push her little boundaries.  We celebrated her first holiday season and New Year this past month and feel blessed to have her join our family and traditions.  Little lady LeeMa also went on her first plane ride to Hawaii to meet more family and celebrate her first Chinese New Year Aloha style.  ;)


first fam holiday pic
party hat time!  happy 2017!!

lil' #beachboss

showing some jelly

trains 101 courtesy of big bro 
Little Miss Aloha

Happy Year of the Rooster!